Our Pilates studio has moved to 4575 Cove Rd. Osage Beach, MO

STEPS Pilates Studio

STEPS offers individuals a peaceful non-intimidating environment to experience a mind body approach to health, wellness and fitness. Shelly and Stacy have expanded their education to offer quality Pilates instruction. The full line studio offers dancers and clients the opportunity to increase flexibility and strength providing a well balanced workout for all ages. To make an appointment, contact one of the instructors.


Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up, slim down and feel great! It’s a contemporary approach to the mind body exercise that German athlete Joseph Pilates developed in the 1920’s. An emphasis of movement quality, posture, and breathing makes Pilates a safe, yet challenging and revitalizing workout.

Benefits of Pilates

Greater mind-body awareness
Flatter abdominals and better posture
Enhanced performance in dance, running, tennis, golf…LIFE
Stronger, longer, leaner muscles
Core stability and body balance

Once the secret of dancers and celebrities, now recommended by personal trainers and physical therapists everywhere!

Pilates Equipment

Steps offers private and group classes using the following equipment:

Stability Balls
Foam Rollers

Bosu Ball
Fitness Circles
Arc Barrel

*NEW* Stability Chair

Pilates Price List

Punch cards must be used the month that they are purchased

Private (1 person)
$25.00 Per Class

Semi Private (2 people)
$10.00 Per Class

Group (3+ people)
$8.00 Per Class


We have implemented a cancellation policy in order to insure the use of the time slots that have been set aside for each client. We ask for a 24 hour notification if cancellation is necessary. Without notification, payment for the scheduled time will be expected. Make up times will be at the discretion of each instructor.

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